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Stylish, resilient and backed by the industry’s best warranty,
our carpet is guaranteed to look as beautiful years from
now as it does today.

Exceptional Performance

TortureTestsOur carpet lives up to its name. Read homeowner testimonials and learn more about our torture tests.

Since 1981, Anything Goes! has undergone a series of grueling appearance retention tests. These tests are evidence of the continuing commitment to produce a product that will give maximum performance, thus representing the customer’s best carpet investment, backed by the best warranty in the industry.

In all cases, Anything Goes! withstood the punishment and demonstrated its
resistance to staining, soiling, matting, and crushing.

Anything Goes! is the most highly tested carpet ever produced, with a goal of giving maximum appearance retention.

Jane M. West Chester, PA

I’ve had Anything Goes throughout the second floor of my home for over 11 years. It’s the style “Sensation” and it has held up terrifically! Just prior to the install I had a major renovation done on my home. This was a long term commitment and any product that I put in the house was meant for the “long haul”. A friend of mine suggested looking into the Anything Goes line because he had a relative with the product and they raved about the performance of the carpet. I have cleaned the carpet a couple of times and it has maintained its appearance far better than I expected. We are now in a renovation of one the bedrooms and the only thing that will not be changed is the carpet. It looks to good to change!

Kim G. Dalton, GA

We’ve had Anything Goes in our basement for over 16 years and it still looks great! The basement is
where our three kids and their friends hang out, so this is the area with the most activity. We were
initially drawn to the performance guarantee and the warranty. We wanted something that would
look good for a long time, and also stand up the wear and tear that kids and teenagers dish out. After
16 years and countless parties, spills, and abuse the carpet still looks new. As a matter of fact, it’s the
only thing in the basement that does not need fixed or repaired! Anything Goes lives up to its name
and is the carpet I recommend to my family and friends.