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ALABASTRINO2Alfagres has more than 54 years experience in manufacturing Wall and floor coverings. Our first product produced was the traditional Italian marble conglomerate floors (terrazzo) and after, the quarry tile. Then, we started our ceramic plant built in the Colombian Atlantic coast with capacity of 5,3 million sqft. per month. Customers feel confident that they can find excellent durable tile, high density quarry tile and stone products in Alfagres. We offer our clients the possibility of “one stop shop” for a unique and various wall-floor coverings portfolio with the same provider. Since 1984 when Alfagres entered the North American market with it’s well known quarry tile, we have experienced great commercial expansion both domestically (opened over 50 stores in Colombia) and internationally (products are sold thought the US, Canada, Caribbean, South and central America, Europe and Asia). We have specialized in offering our customers and integral solution of floor, wall and accent pieces (resin, metal, glass, stone) as a single provider. High quality standards with multiple design solutions make Alfagres a leader in finishing products for the construction world.


At Alfagres we take our environmental responsibility very strongly. From using recycled packing materials, to every day making our ceramic industrial process substantially lower in emissions compared to the traditional process ones. We reclaim 85% of our water used in our different manufacturing plants. We follow a strict solid waste management program as well as hazardous solid waste one. Cost efficient practices have always made sense and are aligned with our environmental compromise. We make sure our clay quarries are re-planted and recovered. Environmental impact in the area is constantly measured in our facilities. We not only promote special lines like our Gema Glass that is a Hand crafted and 100% made from recycled bottles but in our designs include accents of them in other lines as a part of a collecytion.